What Supplies Do You Need To Keep A Pool Clean And Healthy?

If your home has a swimming pool, chances are you’re the envy of the neighborhood. A swimming pool in the backyard is a great way to keep cool, exercise, and have fun in the summer months. However, owning a swimming pool is a responsibility in various ways. One of the duties is to keep your pool clean and healthy. Maintaining a pool is a process. So what supplies to you need to keep your pool clean and healthy?

  1. Chlorine

It’s extremely important that you keep your pool sanitized. If you fail to do that, germs and bacteria will form in the pool’s water. What can happen if you swim in a dirty pool? You can catch diseases such as cryptosporidium, giardiasis, E-coli, etc. The number one way to sanitize your pool is with chlorine. It can be purchased in granular form or tablets. In addition to buying chlorine, your pool needs to be kept at a certain chlorine level to be effective. A properly chlorinated pool will be at 1.0 and 3.0 parts ppm or per million.

  1. Water Testing Kit and Acid

Not only does the chlorine level in your pool need to be at a sufficient level, but you must also make sure that the pH level of your pool is adequate. To determine the pH level (as well as the chlorine level), you’ll need to purchase a water testing kit. The pH level of the pool should be at 7.2 to 7.6. If the pH ends up being too high, acid needs to be added to the water to lower it. For example, sodium bisulfite is an example of a product that can be used to lower pH levels to where they should be. Please visit us at https://bluewaterspoolservices.com/